Your source for Authentic Chiapas Mexican Amber

Your source for Authentic Chiapas Mexican Amber

Your source for Authentic Chiapas Mexican Amber Your source for Authentic Chiapas Mexican Amber Your source for Authentic Chiapas Mexican Amber

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New products added!

I am adding new pieces weekly as they are photographed including a limited selection of Dominican, Baltic and Burmese amber.  Keep checking back to see what’s new.  Meteorites coming soon as well!

About Us


We are your passport to the world of Mexican Amber

Please feel free to use us as your source of information on Mexican Amber even if you don't buy from us. We are a mine direct source of Mexican Amber, meaning we guarantee 100% authenticity on all our amber, and a wide selection of amber products.  Already have Mexican amber and want to see if it is real? We can authenticate it for you!


Ethics, Sustainability, and Education are our goals

We support dozens of families in the Mexican province of Chiapas. We believe in paying a living wage while giving affordable prices to the public. All of our mines are machinery free with minimal impact to the environment (no open pit mining here) and will sustain the families of Chiapas for years to come. We strive to teach the public about how amber is produced, the families that mine and process the amber, and about the flora and fauna that are so beautifully preserved in this amber. 

Our Story


A Natural Curiosity

I still remember when Jurassic Park was released and John Hammond's mosquito-topped cane.    At the time I was already obsessed with dinosaurs, reptiles, insects, rock collections, medicinal plants, and any other natural curiosities.  Much of my time was spent learning about natural history or keeping exotic animals in the pet room my parents let me have.   Once I was in college and graduate school, my passion for the natural world deepened.  My collections like the exotic animals and fossils had to be put on hold for several years due to work, travel, and eventually even more school.  After settling down I purchased some amber because I had always wanted some with an insect in it.  One thing lead to another and now I want to make amber and other curiosities available to anyone interested!

How It Became a Reality

The mine and the business were started by Chase Jennings.  After college, he met a someone living in Chiapas who happened to have the same passion for amber as he did. Their friendship grew and they started a small business to bring Chiapas Amber to the US. This lead to adventures to amber mines  across southern Mexico and also lead incredible artwork from local amber carvers.  After a few years, Chase decided to focus on growing his poison dart frog business and teaching so he allowed me to focus on the amber.  


Why We Do This

Holding a piece of polished amber with insect inclusions is a tangible window into natural history.  Many of the insects are not identified yet and there is a real sense of discover into ancient worlds.  I found it important to continue the work Chase started because it improves the lives of countless people in Chiapas through amber as well. When you buy amber from this unique business, the money  goes to supporting over a dozen families in Chiapas who rely on amber for their entire livelihood.

Questions and Wholesale Inquiries

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